About VA Partners

VA Partners®operates principally under VA Learning Sdn. Bhd. and VA Resources Sdn. Bhd., with a mission to Enhance Performance. VA’s Organization Development programmes, with parallel emphasis on development of Business, People and System adopt a Total, Integrative & Creative approach to Inspire Peak Performance.


Core Programmes:

A. Business / Corporate Development

1. Strategic Planning - Corporate Direction & Strategies Development

2. Business Planning - Annual / Business Plan Development

3. Performance Planning - KRAs & KPIs Development

4. Branding, Rebranding & Brand Recognition


B. People Development

1. Team Alignment

2. Competency Development

3. ‘SUPER’ Leadership Development

4. Succession / Estate Planning

5. Corporate HR Services

6. Sales & Customer Service Trainings

7. Personal & Corporate Wellness Programs


C. Systems Development

1. ISO Projects - New, Upgrading & Revamp

2. Productivity, Quality & Profitability Improvement:-

(i) Japan Lean Study Tour

(ii) Lean Management Projects

(iii) Customer Service & CRM System

(iv) SME Development Coaching


VA has helped many organizations in manufacturing and service industries, ranging from small outfits with less 10 employees to large corporations of over 1000 employees in achieving sustainable growth strategically with a Total, Integrative and Creative approach.

Together with our value-adding strategic partners, VA aspires to be the Best Partner for Peak Performance.


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